ECA Donations

The Extracurricular Activity Fund is a state Tax Credit available to ALL qualifying individual Arizona state taxpayers.

Each year, Plasma Robotics works off a budget off of approximately $45,000, a large sum of money for an organization consisting primarily of High School students. ECA donations are one of many ways that the team is able to pay it’s yearly bills, and is a great team for both the team and the donors. Extracurricular Activity donations are tax-credited, meaning that the entire qualifying sum of the donation can be subtracted from the donor’s Arizona state tax bill. The team gets the money now and the donor gets it back on their taxes when tax season comes around.

It is not neccesary to have a child enrolled in a school in order to take advantage of this state tax credit — any qualifying Arizona state taxpayer can make a contribution. An individual may contribute as much as $200 each tax season, and a couple filing jointly may contribute as much as $400 through the program. This does not restrict a donor from donating more than the allowed amount, but only that amount will qualify for the yearly tax-credit. As always, it is best to consult a tax adviser for further informatioon about the dollar-for-dollar credit.

Your ECA donations will go a long way in helping the students of Plasma Robotics to continue to learn and enjoy throughout the program. By making a contribution, your money will go toward paying for robots and competitions, but also the many outreach and service activities that we host and participate in throughout the year. With your help, we can continue to provide a valuable and educational program for all of our students!

How to Donate

ECA donations can be made online by going to and selecting Red Mountain High School — Plasma Robotics Account #8515. It is very important that you make sure to select Plasma Robotics, as there are other robotics programs at other schools with similar listings, and we will not recieve the money if the proper account is not selected.

You can also print and fill out this form and mail it with your payment to the following address. Make checks payable to Mesa Public Schools.

ECA Tax Credit

Mesa Public Schools

63 E. Main St. #101

Mesa, AZ 85201-7422