In 2011 FIRST presented a game called "Logomotion". This game was hosted in honor of Jack Kamen, who was the original designer of the FIRST logo. The game was made up of inner tubes shaped like parts of the FIRST logo that had to be placed onto bars up on a wall. Robots were supposed to pick up and stack these inner tubes onto the pegboard during the autonomous period and the teleoperated period. At the end of the game, teams would send out a "minibot" made from parts in the FIRST robot kit. The minibot would climb up a tower to gain points.

Plasma attended two events during the 2011 Season. At the Arizona Regional, Plasma ranked 12th, with a record of 6-6-0 and won the Team Spirit Award. We were picked for the 8th Seed Alliance, but did not make it past the quarter-finals. At the Las Vegas Regional, Plasma was ranked 15th with a score of 7-8-0, and was selected as third pick for the 4th-Seed Alliance, but once again did not make it out of the quarter-finals