Recycle Rush

The 2015 season marked an important year in the FRC competition. Recycle Rush was the first game to give players the option to put bumpers on their robot without requiring them explicitly. The field was split horizontally, giving each set of three teams their own half of the field. While on their side, the objective was to stack totes on the 2 scoring platforms, obtain recycling cans, and "recycle" pool noodles, which were referenced as litter. Each team had two and a half minutes to complete this objective, with the first 30 seconds being an autonomous period. This allowed teams to program their robots, and without human assistance, navigate the field and complete certain objectives for a higher point value. After this 30 seconds the driver's stepped in and took control. Working as quickly as possible to make stacks of totes. Each stack could not exceed 6 totes. However at this point a recycling bin can be placed on top for extra points, along with litter inside.

Plasma fought hard during this competition with our robot Brent - named after coach and mentor Brent Kellis who was out on medial leave for double knee replacement surgery. Our first regional was the Arizona East Regional, taking place in Chandler, AZ. Here we ranked 30th out of 42 teams. It was a tough competition, but we used it as a learning experience so we could do better at the next one. Our second regional was the Arizona West Regional, hosted at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Here we performed excellently, learning from our experiences and mistakes from our previous regional. We ranked 28th out 34, but our robot's potential was evident. We eventually chosen by the 5th seed alliance, in partnership with teams 1726 N.E.R.D.S and 3785 Gila Monsters. Our teams worked well together, fighting until we made it to the finals. However, despite our efforts, we lost our final match.

After the season we were invited to participate in the AZ AIA Robotics Championship in Prescott, AZ. It was a one day off-season competition between the top teams from throughout Arizona. After a long day of competing, the team was eliminated in the Semifinals and ended up placing 3rd in the state.